So what is this all about?

Well, I suppose it’s a rather strange and fascinating world we inhabit. I myself find it enticing to absorb knowledge in many wonderfully curious directions. I feel inspired by learning and absorbing the teachings and ideas of others. I love to let information sink into my brain and wander about it in my own way, to further a dialogue with questions and wanderings. The idea of taking new information and perspectives and applying my own thoughts and experiences to them to create something new excites me! This blog is a grand experiment into the randomness that is my brain. I hope that my randomness will delight and entertain but I ultimately want to intrigue you, to open you up to new ways of looking at things. I want to inspire you to go on your own journey into the questioning of our world. Life is a curious thing in that it is a beautiful dialogue, so humor me in my random indulgences and maybe we can add to the dialogue of life in our own ways.


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