Thoughts on Living in Denver

Living in Denver feels like I am straddling the verge of three different worlds. To the east of the city there is an open expanse of grasslands, prairie land. It’s a dry, brownish green haze of either flat lands or small rolling hills. Think little house on the prairie and you’re not far off. Prairie dogs, deer, coyotes, and even bison can be seen here.

 To the west of the city is the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, with their daunting, immense stature hovering over the city and its inhabitants. Smaller green mountains turn into piercing snow-covered mountains in the distance. Seeing these giants from my apartment, it feels like gazing out beyond the horizon into an unknown world. A world hostile to the likes of humans, hallowed and separate from the drudgery of our small existence. The mountains are an ever-felt presence living in the city.

Thirdly, you have the city itself, the urban environment, full of people, culture, and the hustle and bustle of business, entertainment, and food. There is so much to love about the city, the people, the parks, the food, the beer, the museums, the architecture. It’s all an amalgamation of what I love about a city, and straddled in between these two very different, very unforgiving natural worlds.

There is a feeling you get living here that I haven’t felt anywhere else, like being on the precipice of adventure. It’s like having access to a plethora of worlds at your doorstep, especially if you count the varying landscapes and environments in the middle and western parts of the state. It’s such a unique place in space and time and carries with it its own signature mental/emotional/spiritual effect. I love it here and would highly recommend, especially if you enjoy remaining in tune with nature while still having the advantages of a large city and the opportunities that come with that.


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